Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Fantastico travel diaries of Melbourne!

The city has transformed itself from a fledging settlement to a modern commercial and financial centre. The city is the second largest city in Australia. The city has a huge amount of vibrancy of its own and known as the most liveable city in the world.
Well, you got it right. I am talking about one of the most vibrant city of the world, being Melbourne, in Australia. Melbourne now known by its European name is located in the traditional land of Kulin nation.
The city that boasts of people from all over the world inhabiting over and around 140 cultures from around the world. The population has migrants from almost all the continents of the world, be it Asia or Africa, or American continents. Britishers have also come to reside into this beautiful city that holds so much imbibed into it, ranging from the hues and colours of life, nature, fauna and flora, attractive tourist destinations, river sides, beaches. The aura that this place carries with it amazing and mesmerizing.
The city talks a lot about itself. It has a long history associated with ranging from sports to political life, education to mining, and a lot that makes a place go more lively with the holding and binding to old civilization of the country. The place went on to be discovered and more advent and popular with the discovery of the gold mines in this city. The city has always been a storehouse for gold mines and has been into its supply.
Melbourne has been meticulously laid and planned. Initially it began as a barely legal, speculative settlement in 1835 that broke away from New South Wales in 1851 as the capital of the new state of Victoria. It was fortunate to be blessed with far-sighted founders who envisioned a great 19th century city with an abundance of parks and wide roads and boulevards.
The places that are on the mind which are waiting to be explored on my subsequent visit to Melbourne. They would be:
Melbourne City Centre: It is the core of central activities centre of Melbourne city with lots of things happening in and around the city.
Yarra Valley: Valley has a lot to offer on the list of mesmerizing scenes to be marked on the minds. Being a staunch nature lover, I would love to go around exploring the place.
Dandenong Ranges National Park: One of the most loved and favoured destinations in the hilly areas of Melbourne with relieving and relaxing options.
Eureka Tower: The skyscrapers and huge buildings touching the sky is a great view to the eyes. Hanging around in the city with a view of these wonderful towers is a great option.
Royal Botanical Gardens: The botanical garden offers a different and huge  variety of flora to be offered into its fences, providing the gardens with lots of indigenous varieties.
Melbourne Cricket Ground: Getting a chance to visit Melbourne during any cricket match and seeing the players bat and ball around the pitch would be like dream coming true. I would be the most luckiest person if I get this opportunity.
Queen Victoria Market: For shopping around the region in Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market is a good choice to look for the branded stuff and a lot of local stuff with good food outlets and chilling out places.
National Sports Museum: The sports museum has the display of the greatest sports personalities, the sporting attitudes, and the amount of sportsmanship abilities one needs to inculcate in life to lead a life. It has the display of the wonderful aspects in a capturing manner which make it a favoured place for the tourists.
Melbourne Aquatic and sports centre: It is a great option to explore the adventurous sports activities into the sports centre of Melbourne.
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