Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of hopes and aspirations!

Hopes and aspirations hold a significant place in our lives and we must not be ignorant of them. We must be positive in our actions and deeds and must lead life graciously in a hopeful manner. There are certain acts that I would definitely wish to take up once I attain the stability which I would take up for the satisfaction of myself and others. Some of them would be:

Making adequate facilities for the education of the children: Providing the schooling and educational services to all the children of the country is the prime dream of mine. It is a great wish and dream of mine to see every child of this country as an educated individual. I wish there would be a day in India when the literacy percentage in India would be 100% and the country would be a learned nation. This would lead to the eradication of improper management in the families and life of the individuals. Also, this would bring prosperity and peace in the lives of the people.

Making adequate facilities to be made available for the old age people: In the recent times where the old age homes are being flooded with the old age people, shall make them avail the best possible services. I shall take up steps that would make them happy in the last days of their life. I wish everyone realizes that the old aged people of the country are not left out. Their health is main concern in the old age. Also, the individuals should realize it is a bad idea to leave them in their old age when they need the family's and their children's love, care and warmth.

Making special efforts for the autistic people: Since the people are still unaware of the autism and its consequences, shall make efforts largely to educate people about these abnormalities. The autism is on a rise and it is important that people are more knowledgeable about this particular disorder where the special kids are abnormal in their learning habits and other daily activities. They should be given proper care and facilities so that their proper growth is ensured. These special children should not be left out and brought up in an adequate and appropriate way.

Providing the adequate sanitation facilities within the villages and remote areas of India: The villages and remote areas of the country have the inadequate sanitation facilities. These should be take care of and facilities should be provided to them so that diseases do not spread through improper sanitation and also proper care is taken in terms of health management.

Making the health and hospitality services for the poor people of India: The health is a main concern for any individual. I wish I could do my bit to make the hospitality and health services easily available for the poor people who cannot afford the health care practices. The efforts could be made by making the basic medicines available for them free of cost. Also, health care facilities for the pregnant women, new-born babies, and old people who face critical issues should be provided with good health practices so that they do not battle with their life.

I wish, one day I would be able to fulfil and bring to mainframe the execution of these wishes, hopes and aspirations, that would bring me pleasures and happiness, and to others too.

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