Sunday, February 21, 2016

#Impact of social evils and the need to eradicate them!

The need of the hour is that we humans need to largely work on our societal norms and must take up pledge to eradicate social evils from the society. We, Indians, have a pride instilled among us of being the most oldest civilization world-wide. The long-lasting customs, practices and traditions are followed since times immemorial. The values have found a respectable place in this nation. Though times have changed, we have moved ahead with the times, developments are being made, progress is recorded in several activities, the economy is developing, still we lack on the amount of growth and progress we could have made by now. The GDP still lies merely in the single digits, of which dream of having as one of the best. There is a ardent need to eradicate social evils from the society. Removing and eradicating them would have a huge impact on the society and nation as whole. It is important we take care of the social needs and take measures to remove the evil practices from the society. 

Our nation has been rated as best among the availability of resources be it natural resources, man-power, land, etc. Then, where does the problem lie. If the answer is just corruption, then that will not suffice and quench the thirst. Corruption is just another word in dictionary. It has its roots among and within us. There are so many of such evil practices being practiced within the vicinity, why just blame corruption. We see terrorism being practiced. Humans have given the rise to this, then why do we go around to see the culprit.

We still can see the dowry being given, as an excuse by the girl's family saying that we have presented gifts to our girl with our own happiness. How silly that sounds ? 
O Man, are you selling your girl, purchasing son-in-law, or what.. I have never been able to be convinced over this explanation. Huge lump-some amounts are being spent on these marriages, without any particular motive. Lets keep them simple and sober. That would work exceptionally well.

Drinking, ah, that has become a priced possession of the youth, known as drug-addiction. They are so proud of blabbering about it, even when have least of knowledge about it. Fearlessly they can chant out their experiences of their bravery. Even girls have got captured into this drama, and have gotten into drinking. This is a menace that has proved fatal. This has increased the number of Mal practices in the society on a large.

We, humans, are the wheels of the cart of society. If don't function well and in a apt manner, we'll have to face consequences. The society shall drift towards worse. There is dire need to eradicate these social evils. They should not be invited. They are best when kept away. We should make the best efforts in order to remove these social evils from the society and make our society a better place to live in. The answer to any form of social evil should be a stricter NO each time. Every individual should make efforts to contribute in the best form for the society and aid in uplifting the weaker sections of the society, which is the need of the hour.

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