Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of rising oneself above the fears!

Fears are natural occurrences and we must not fear them and instead make our best efforts to overcome them. Let us accept the fact that at some points, life is difficult and it is more easy to lose hope, give up or become depressed, instead of trying to overcome the fears, leading them from the front end, learning to accept failures that come across the way, making up some plans for not giving up whatever the situation comes in the path, facing the defeats and downfalls, getting up and rising to the mark of victory. When negativity floats above like a dark cloud, it takes courage and determination to see the good in anything be it things or the people, and beauty that lingers into this world. Every now and then we need to be inspired, for the ways to overcome our fears and failures.

I being labelled, tagged and designated as the sports captain throughout the school and college life into all the classes and batches since 5th standard, I had a huge love for sports. One fine day, in the third semester of my college days, I was playing the inter-college finals basket-ball match, when I had a worst hit into my stomach which made me to reach the state unconsciousness and landed me into the hospital. When I was back from hospital, I decided to not take up and follow sports anymore if it could make me end up with grave and life-threatening injuries. I began to distance myself from the sports world and was becoming lazy to follow the sports with interest anymore. I almost gave up on the chapter of sports in my life.

It was then, after sometime that my family and friends began to notice the changes in me, like those of laid-down attitude, becoming least interested into sports activities, with the bend towards negativity in life and loosing the interest in the spheres of life. My nature and the changes in me were becoming a centre of concern around me. It then began to bother me, about the people who bothered for me and because of me which was nearly a depressing view. I could not have let this to continue and instead decided to take up challenge again and begin to make things happen.
It was not easy to begin again with the lost enthusiasm and energy, but it was becoming mandatory for my fears in my mind of the botheration of the dear ones, for in their happiness laid my happiness. I love to see them smiling and shining with me being the reason. So accepting the fears was much needed and efforts to work on them became the need of the hour.

I started to take up the motivational and inspirational talks with my coach from the school days and to my father who has always lend a strong shoulder to me in all my depressing times. Instead of trembling with the ball in hands, I started to take up the practice sessions in the home court, then I started taking long duration practices at courts in the ground and field. Though it took me almost 2-3 years to come back to the field again, I decided to take off my fear and put it back into the trunk and never open it again. I again began to set up goals for myself, take up challenges and to make the best into the field.  In the earlier days, I played for the inter-school and inter-college matches, later on I made to shift my focus on the higher levels and slowly and steadily with the peace and calmness in my mind, I made into the nationals team which was a true victory for my injured mind which got more serious than my stomach injury.

Thus with the fears in our minds, we must not pull ourselves back from life and instead open up to life that it offers us with all the vigour, passion and strength. We must get up to conquer our fears and stand tall and high in life with the victories.

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