Saturday, February 20, 2016

Impact of sharing responsibility at homes!

Laundry and Woman in our society often go synonymous with each other. The workload division among the members of the family has a huge impact on every individual in the family. This has a huge impact on the upcoming generation, and instills them lifestyle qualities. We do not often see the difference of association of one with the other. Also, when some men come forward to vouch for the laundry, they are often given weird expressions by others and are often mocked at. Well, this is the common notion that laundry is a Woman's job. Even prior to the times that we are in, it was even difficult to think and raise voice over this issue. Now a days, with the changing patterns of society and human psychology, there are changes being seen, but we are way back to accept and absorb this into the mainstream ideas and welcome the changes whole-heartedly. There is huge impact of the daily responsibilities that are being shared at home. It is important that everyone shares the load equally.
It is essential that we as humans understand and handle the independency in all ways, and must be ready to welcome all sort of responsibilities. Laundry should not be just woman's job. The responsibilities must be equally shared among all members of the house. The members should appreciate and consider taking up tasks and responsibilities instead of imposing certain tasks on just woman's shoulders. There is an ardent need to swipe away the taboo from the society of considering laundry as just woman's job. It must be taken into account and considered that woman these days are heading ahead and taking up lead into all the sectors and arenas of life. All should be given equal chances to lead and flourish.
The solutions of these could begin when the habits of washing one's clothes are taught from the childhood days when the children are ready to take up such responsibilities. This would enable them to learn the art of self management and discipline on their own and in their early days of nourishment which would lead to diminishing of pressure on the woman in the home and also shall make them effective into life's activities. This would mean that everyone in the family is accountable and responsible for one's own clothing and belongings. This leads to the generation of better morals into children where enhanced learning and practical lessons of life are learnt along with other lessons in different walks of life.
Discipline itself flows into the life when one accepts one's own responsibilities and takes better steps to follow it. Laundry and management is not merely a woman's job and should not be imposed on her. Another measure could be doing the job collectively on fixed particular day of the week when the members are available to take up the job by dividing the work amongst them.
In the times that we are heading and leading ourselves to, laundry is no longer just a woman's job. It is low strata of the state of mind incase it is considered so and must be tied and thrown away in the bins. Everyone must be equally responsible to take up the task and assist in the work.

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