Saturday, February 20, 2016

Intense and #peppy!

We are sexual creatures with an innate sex drive, the thinking goes. This is natural, right ?
Sex is everywhere. Yes, it is bound to exist for human survival. It has come to permeate the nerves of television shows, the internet, and magazines. Even the children’s movies often have thinly veiled sexual overtones into them. For over several decades, Western nations have shed every hint of Victorian-era prudery: the “free love” 1960's gave way to the counterculture 70's; standards on sex continued to drop in the 1980's, and even more in the 90's, with the high profile cases.
Today, society’s carefree thinking on sex out of wedlock is simply, “Why not?”
Is this a bad thing? Mostly would say no. To support this aspect, some would go ahead to cite the well-documented health benefits of being sexually active. According to experts and advisers, sex relieves stress, boosts one’s immune system, burns calories, improves heart health, and can reduce the risk of certain cancers. It can even improve the quality of sleep. Ah, yes, so many benefits and advantages.
Looking far through the telescope, exploring the other side of this coin, there are other aspects associated to it. Morality is an important factor for many individuals when deciding whether or not to have pre-marital sex. Is it a factor for you? After all, the messages that we receive from most TV shows and several other movies, and with the people we meet around these days tells us "everyone is doing it." In light of today's permissive attitude, your peers may think you're weird to even question it.
But maybe there is something inside you, like a voice in your head, that is making you uncertain about whether or not sex before marriage is a right or wrong action. Many people refer to this voice as their conscience. How can you know if your "conscience" is right? Another consideration when deciding about premarital sex is safety. Using a condom and other contraceptive measures only reduces the risk of contracting HIV by 85%. Condoms do not significantly reduce the risk of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases.
There are several other people who do not consider the emotional aspects of the pre-marital sex. Let us not forget that sex is an emotional experience, except for exceptions of paid-sex, sex-work, prostitution. The emotional side of sex our lives in ways we do not even care to understand. After engaging into pre-marital sex, there are instances where  few people express the feelings of embarrassment, resentment, tensions, guilt, and alike.
In carrying the discussion about the premarital sex, we often focus on the "recreation" aspect of it. Yes, sex is pleasurable. God, our Creator, designed it that way. Let us not be ignorant to this fact. Though, it may be hard to think of God creating sex, but He did! May be it is like, in God's plan, sex was designed for married couples to enjoy the pleasure and excitement of sexual relations.
Taking the statement for further analysis, another question that strikes is 'does sex belong only inside a marriage relationship?' 'What is wrong with reaping all the physical benefits of sex outside of wedlock so long as one is “smart” about it?' Though without lacking doubts, there are dangers for the sexually active person: transmission of diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and potential emotional scarring from a promiscuous lifestyle of multiple partners. Nonetheless, supposed experts assert that if you practice “safe sex,” the benefits could outweigh the negatives.
Obviously, getting drunk a night before and waking up the other day, not knowing what they did with whomever the night before—practice risky sex, is nothing but mere sort of carelessness and lack of values and stands to question morality. But upon superficial examination, it seems that given the health advantages, using contraceptives wisely, and having only one sexual partner at a time means there is little downside to premarital sex.
Yet something vital is missing from the above viewpoint—a void in understanding and caring that can lead to wrong conclusions and result in devastating consequences, at times, which does not lead to conscience satisfaction at so many points in life.
So again, We are sexual creatures with an innate sex drive, the thinking goes. This is natural, right ?

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