Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Impact of health and hygiene!

In the times that we are in today, i.e 21st century, what matters most is to speak up for what the ind thinks is right and present a better image of the happenings. We cannot take things and issues for granted and just sit and think of the things to change for the better. We cneed to wake up, voice out our opinion and take measures in all the possible manners that would make a difference.
If India is to present a wider, better and neater picture at the global level, she has to chart a different course altogether than what the Western people and culture followed or follows, as the conditions here are quite different from their environment and scenes. India will have to go around by setting different examples by pursuing the aims and goals of progress and development with minimal or no growth initially into its prime agenda.
The need of the hour is to voice the valuable opinions in the public, to take up leadership and ignite the movement of Swacch India in the highest and best of its spirits which would portray a great picture of neater and cleaner India. Health and hygiene being the primary issues of concern determining the growth index, health index, happiness index and several other such types of indexes, there is an urgent need of building up a strong public opinion and carrying out the proceedings and workings on it, by taking the very first on one's own, without looking at others and waiting for others to take the initiative. It is essential that the best from all of us comes out.
It is essential that as responsible citizens of this country we must take initiatives to gather the attention of the authorities and the public by voicing out plans and policies that would work out for the betterment of the people and society as a whole and shall work as a developmental measure for the whole country at a large. The necessity is to show and implement the power of speaking out on the issues that matter, and health, hygiene and cleanliness are the major issues need to be tackled with utmost care and attention. We merely cannot be spectators to anything that is going on and around us without paying the heed to what is important for all of us dutiful and responsible individuals.
The need of the hour is that the whole of India wakes up and all Indians will have to take up initiatives to wipe up the centuries-old dirt of the long prevailing system of gender discrimination, casteism and racism as part of the Swachh India campaign. The nature calls to drastically capture and curtail the consumption of unhealthy and unkempt measures that have been long dwelling. To bring to sight the facts, any number of school children with brooms into their hands would not be able to clean India unless the charts and models of growth and development at the grass root level are not sighted out well with a broader agenda in view which would largely continue to exploit nature.
It is popularly said that if cleanliness is to be the end product, dirt would have to be the reactant. There must be some concrete solutions to this social menace that has upset the cleanliness order and fails in the efforts of achieving the set agendas, and take things to a better level. The major sociological issue that is before all of Indians is the deep and grave matter of staying silent to the problems like that of dirt, garbage, hygiene, health, cleanliness, and the manner in which is mishandled largely without proper means of management and handling of them.
Staying silent has never been the solution to any of the problems since times immemorial. So it is high time, that all of us take efforts and voice out ourselves for the better of this country and take our country India to laudable heights.
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