Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Impact of Social Media!

Well, the solutions to this problem are many. But, at first to make it clear things at the base-root itself itself is that Universal Adult Franchise is Right of every citizen of India, and anyone who is above 18 years can caste his/her vote for the elections being conducted henceforth, anywhere.
ESCAPISM is  no solution. Escaping from one's "Right To Vote" is like escaping from the duties and responsibilities, and when once you don't fulfill your duties and responsibilities all at once, one should not regret later on not practicing their rights. This does no justice to the Republic and Democracy of the country like India.
DEMOCRACY in true sense is "OF the People, BY the People, and FOR the People", thus it becomes important to be clear of the facts and be a responsible and a participatory citizen in the governance of the country. When an individual cannot be participatory ,he/she deserves no rights to voice for the failure of governance in the country.
As the story rotates around creating awareness and making people guided about voting, these days social media and mobile apps are playing a tremendous role, where the investments on huge advertisements and boards, rallies and processions that are being carried out by the politicians all throughout the country. The social media apps provide a platform for the people to discuss about the concerning issues and present their views and make a more clear view of the candidates contesting elections from their constituencies. This will generate more involvement of the youth. The apps can be accessed at any time of the day and thus making the things easily available at one's own bay.
These apps can be crafted for a numerous amount of tasks that are being carried out during the elections time. The youth can find its enrollment into the system. Thees apps can provide them a way to voice their opinion and make the right candidate rush to the victory line and become an appropriate representative of the people. The times that we live in are highly globalized and liberalized. The IT sector is on its peak, where it provides hug amount of employment to the youth in creating and managing the apps, working on them, and bringing out a more innovative method of reaching the youth. There is always that spark that can be seen in the youth of the population, which is needed to be ignited and here, these apps play a crucial role in awakening them and bringing them forward to actively vote in the elections.
It's big time now that the appropriate methods of awakening people must be used, where social media apps can play a guided role in the convincing of political parties agenda for elections, their views reaching the masses, their manifestos reaching a wider population. A huge amount of population is being dependent on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many such devices these days. The social media apps should be such created that they are user friendly and must be easily  approachable by the masses, at large. The agenda and themes can be clearly conveyed through these applications that can actually mobilize and inspire the youth to vote in the elections. The awareness applications can make people to keep an account of the promises being made by their representatives.
The need of the hour is to make system more transparent and more executable. Here, the social media apps can play a vital role in this context. This makes the general public more aware about the candidates contesting for the elections and being their representatives.

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