Saturday, February 20, 2016

Truth be told! #impact

Truth holds a lot of significance in our life and it is essential that we maintain the sanctity to the best of our efforts into our life and make us sound perfect and healthy into the life's situations. Truth takes us closer to the victories and makes us confident for facing tough situations into life as we step ahead into life and begin to experience several nuances of life and see the life more closely with lots of practical realities.
Speaking truth before the persons who are concerned proves beneficial not only for us but also keeps our image positive into the eyes of the other person. It is important that we speak truth in whatever difficult and stressful situation that life puts us into and take the steps in a thoughtful manner and take the rights steps even in the tougher aspects of life.
There have situations in my life when speaking truth has saved my life and made me confident and strong. I would cite one of them here when I was out with my kids to the mall for shopping. I thought we would be back before time and can enjoy for some more time with the kids by shopping and going out on rides.
At the same time there were some bomb blasts that happened in the parking area of the mall and we got scared to the worst of situation. I called up my relatives and husband and narrated them that we would be late since they were busy enjoying the shopping and taking rides in the mall. I initially went on with the lie and decided to hide the real situation from my husband. This made me a lot nervous and did not allow my conscience to go ahead with the work I was doing, though it was shopping, which should be enjoyed
I was getting more nervous about the scene that was developing around the mall. I immediately called up my relatives, and asked them sorry and recited them the whole situation that was happening around us. Then my husband asked me to be safe with the kids and told not to care about the car, and find a way to the road which was outside the mall. He was there in no time and hugged all of us and prayed. We all then thanked God that he kept all of us safe. I again felt sorry for hiding the truth and was thankful on the second instant as to providing me enough strength to tell truth which saved all of us and brought smiles to all of our faces.
Speaking the truth and saying honestly about the situation has always proved to be beneficial and turned things in my favour, not that I have never spoken lies in life, but truth has always put me on a better side as compared to the lies that have done lesser good to me. Also, according to the old adage that one has to remember the lies one has spoken and does not have to care about the truth that one has come out with before anyone and in any of the situations.
It is important that we keep ourselves strong and speak out truth, for it always proves fruitful and keeps us confident in life and keeps us into the high spirits. Thus truth must be told in all the situations and this helps us in the tough situations. It saves and protects an individual from the tough situations in life.
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