Saturday, February 20, 2016

#fantastico - Fantastic Diwali celebrations

Across the last few years, it has been beautiful and amazing. I am experiencing changes in my life, not in only my life but in the whole of family around, may be because now the responsibilities have grounded on the shoulders differently and now they are needed to be handled in a responsible manner. The new changes are like the kids have grown up over the years, they are busy in their career settlement, families expanding, festivals to be taken care off, the elderly to be handled responsibly and lot other things that dawn upon in the family. These are not any burden, but these just come as we move ahead in life.
Diwali, as we all know, is the festival whose wait starts from the very next day the Diwali for the year passes, for it brings the loveliest and makes the best memories with every passing year, the prime reason being the get together of all the family members, which is hardly seen in this hush-gush of life these days. It was a lot different when we were kids, it was different even when my children were kids, but since change is the law of the nature, things have taken a new turn these days. Festivals like Diwali are what I am thankful to now, as they are the prime reason when we all assemble and celebrate the festival.
The food and delicacies that I keep learning throughout the year are best executed out during the Diwali week. This brings pure joy to everyone in the family, for everyone is actually in the wait for discovering the new delicacies that would find place on the dinner table. Does it not sound lovely ? Indeed it does, and it is one of those things that keeps me active throughout the year and makes to explore the unexplored cooking world, for the table has to be unique and special each year.
No matter that the kids have settled in their life well, they definitely wait for the heavy-bulky Diwali gifts and again, they have to be thought uniquely and presented to them in some surprising manner, which is actually not a surprise, since they already know they would be receiving gifts. But their mumma keeps learning those tricky arts the whole year through, so the creativity juices flow and work them out efficiently, atleast so far.
Another better concern during Diwali is of the decorations. So at my home, we go about decorations by selecting a theme each year, and it has to be abided by. The theme for the next Diwali is being presented and voted upon after the Diwali week nears its end. So this keeps us engaged thinking of the best ways to celebrate Diwali for the next year. This brings so much excitement, happiness and smiles to everyone in the family.
The surprises are in throughout the week presented to one another at the most unexpected moments. There is nothing that matches to these joys of celebrating Diwali, and keeps us waiting for the Diwali week for 360 days in the year (excluding 5 days of the Diwali, which are celebrated, hahaha! It is pure fun and amazing to have such grand celebrations.
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