Sunday, February 21, 2016

Importance of a #Fantastico friend in life!

Friends play an important role in life. Every individual has one or many friends, depending on the lifestyle and the choices of a person. They influence our life in one way or the other. We cannot deny the fact that friends come to play an significant role in our life. To describe one such incident which was one of the fantabulous one, here is the post. It was my best friend's birthday. She went to United States of America (USA) last year. On our birthday's we have been usually together and have spent the whole day together making the best of memories, having fun around, cherishing the food, roaming around, clicking pictures amongst the few activities to mention. They have been the best moments of our life and we often cherish them whenever we are into conversations because they have given us some of the life's best moments.

This time she several thousand miles away from me. I wanted to make it best for her, for I know she always missed her family and most importantly me and my company. Though we are in touch through the online media and the smart devices, but that can never fulfil the the physical presence of the near and dear ones. She has always been the admirer of my words and I wanted to convey my feelings to her through the best of the words and medium. Gifts never allured and attracted her attention, I always had and have to run my mind to make the best on her day.

After several weeks of research and running my head in all possible directions to get her the something that could surprise her in the best way, I landed up wishing her birthday by writing and composing a poetry and a hand-made card which I posted to her few days ago so that it could reach her on time. I knew these would be the best things for her and nothing else would surprise her more than this as she had been pleading me for the same things since ages and I wanted them to be on the best occasion which was at this time when she was miles away.

On her birthday, when the mail with the poetry being written and recited by me landed in her mailbox and the hand-made card with a bouquet of flowers that I ordered online to be delivered there itself arrived, she was cheered beyond limits. I knew nothing would bring more happiness than this little gesture. Also, had I sent her some other gift, she would have definitely freaked out on me. I decided to play a safe game, and gifted the joys and memories of life in the form of poetry.
We both contacted each other through facetime, and her cheers and smiles knew no limits. This was surely the best thing my eyes could hold on to see. I love to see her happy and smiling in life always. I wish she achieves the best in life. I love you dear friend and miss you dearly here. Company of no other person brings the joy as you did. This is a pure joy and knowing you in my life is a great pleasure for me! It is amazing to have great friend in life and they make the life seem easier and better in several ways.

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