Sunday, February 21, 2016

The #fantastico passion guide!

Life is filled with huge amount fun and frolics, depending on how one perceives it. Passion is something that one installs into one’s own life according to the wishes and aspirations. These cannot be imposed or pushed. I would call passion as something pious as no one could ever and would never have control over it for someone else as other things. We human beings can be controlled and bounded for rather anything except this divine thing called passion.

Having a passion and being passionate about something is really an amazing experience. We need to develop and formulate ourselves towards this passion that would make us complete for our own satisfaction.

To this date, there have been things that I am so passionate about. Few of them being: 

Life is something that has a huge flow and continued to teach with each passing moment. The moments that life has offered and served on the platter are the actual and real life experiences, quite different from reel life. We all as individuals need to accept the reality and the truth of life, and make our best efforts to make it accountable to our own selves, and hold ourselves responsible for our lives, for we are the creators of our own destiny. I would love to make my life beautiful and amazing.

Towards stepping into the unknown has always been my aim-line and falling into the pits and facing the downfalls several times before actually leading into something desirable is how I define creativity for myself. It has its amazing charm and brings the immense happiness to me and others around me. Failures in the path have never deterred me and instead have motivated me to take the essential risks which would ultimately be guided towards success through failures and downfalls.

Intellect and Intelligence
The two different aspects that make a great combination if found together. These are the qualities that I am most passionate about and try each moment to inculcate the best in times into me, for these would never leave me and might lead to being wise or towards the attainment of peace and wisdom. Learning from the experiences of life and absorbing the intellect from life's offerings are the best lessons that one comes across in the process and the journey of life.

Traveling through different places leads me to the process of becoming a better person through practical experiences. Traveling has improved my knowledge and the huge plethora of understanding life in better ways, making the rightest choices among the choices available and moving towards being a better human for one’s own self and others.

The exploration of life that we all human beings set ourselves into must ultimately lead to something that grants us the tranquillity in life, for there is nothing as serene and soothing as peace. Peace is something I have always yearned for and has transformed me into a person that I am. This makes the journey worthwhile and meaningful with the accomplishment of achievements of the life that one aspires for.

These are few of the things that I have been passionate about and shall definitely make efforts to inculcate them in life. It is important to maintain the positivity in life with the passion following and leading life graciously with the hopes that one has from oneself.
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