Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Impact of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan!

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is flagship and comprehensive programme initiated by the government during the Ninth Five Year Plan (FYP) which sims at universalization of elementary education across the whole nation. The primary concern of the programme is to grant education to all the children within the age group of 6-14 years of age group. The policy had its target set for 2010 and has now been extended further. The scheme saw several improvements in the education sector. The rural backgrounds were given huge amount of importance as the literacy rates in those areas were low. This on successful implementation shall have a huge impact on the society as a whole.

The main goal of the scheme is to ensure the elementary education for children in the schools which would lead to universal retention. This shall bridge the gender and social category gals in the enrolment of number of children in the schools. The scheme aims at making the significant changes in the learning environment at the primary level as well as the upper level. The programme aims to open up new schools in those places which do not have adequate schooling facilities and lack infrastructure for bringing up the quality education into the mainstream. This is to strengthen the existing schooling structure though the provision of creating better facilities such as those of sanitation, recruiting quality staff, proper drinking water facilities, and management of grants for the schools officials and management. Computer education inclusion within the rural areas was also considered as an important aspect of the scheme. 

The scheme also aimed towards improving the status of the girls education, backward classes, scheduled tribes and scheduled castes in the tough and difficult circumstances. Effective training for the staff has been the main concern of the officials who would be the torchbearers of the scheme. 

The major components of the schemes have been the EGS which is the Education Guarantee Scheme and AIE which is Alternative and Innovative Education. 

The scheme has been proposed in such a manner as to provide education to children even if 10 children are available within the area, where the EGS school can be opened up. The weaker sections of society have been looked after where the street children, child labourers, migrating children, working children who are kept away from the privileges of education can be looked after under the scheme. 

With the powerful implementation of the scheme, there has been improvement in the education and literacy rates in the country though a lot more awaits to be achieved and looked upon. The impact of the scheme could be seen, though still miles to go achieve a huge impact in the society where all the individuals would be adequately educated.

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