Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Impact of health issues and challenges!

There is mammoth of challenges which India’s health sector is facing. This is multiplying and surprisingly many of these challenges are as a result of the lack of human awareness and prevention measures. Sometimes the concerns are due to the lack of resources as well as the lack of technical measures. These hurdles in the health sector need to be looked after and must be sought solutions in order to improve the health status of the country as a whole. The prime malady has been the neglect of population stabilisation and the second being the monopoly of the elite groups. Due to this the public health services see a backseat and the expensive and special services are valued, though we know that public health services touches the lives of millions of people and are much needed on a large scale. 

The central as well as the state governments should seek public health as a shared responsibility. It should go hand-in-hand with several other aspects such as those of drinking water facilities, sanitation facilities, health education and disease prevention. The doctors and the health professionals should entrust themselves with the responsibility for designing and executing the policies which would aid people with their health in both the ways, qualitative as well as quantitative. 

The neglect of public health is one the fallout factors and is a huge challenge before the government. Public health cannot be run on a contract basis as the necessity can be huge at any time and none at other time. The major concern is to decide what kind of health cover can be provided to the individuals who reside beyond the coverage of the towns and cities.

One of the possible solution to the problem of health issues and challenges could be sought through the fixed term bonds to the public sector by the state government sponsored medical graduates, though the working conditions, requirements, facilities and remuneration of such individuals serving in the public health should be well managed and respectable enough. These measures result in doctor retention. What can be largely understood at the end of the day is that challenges of the health sector can met only if the doctors, officials, supporting staff members are ready to work collectively and responsibly in the health sector. The transformation within the health sector would be seen largely only if the manipulation of the things within this sector stops and the political patrons are put on a hold. The need of the hour is transparency with the medical and health line and a fair process is involved without the exceptions. It is important to understand as to what can be changed and what cannot be changed without falling prey to protests by the doctors and other officials. 

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