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South china sea : Important navigation junction and maritime security. #Navigation

Being one of the most important sea of the world,geopolitically,economically and strategically, the south china sea attracts attention of india. India has vital interest in SCS(south china sea). Around 55% of india’s  trade in the asia pacific transit through the SCS region. 

Strategic importance
SCS is important navigation junction between pacific and Indian ocean.sea lane running between islands is used by oil tankers as well as warship enroute from Indian ocean to pacific.
Security in a SCS is a concern both for regional countries as well as extra regional countries including india due to their strategic and economic interests in the region. Any conflict in SCS will pose threat to regional and international security.

Territorial sovereignty , contention on energy, threat to maritime security , significance of geographical location , overlapping maritime claims are the core of the SCS dispute. The SCS conflict will probably remain  the worst case threat to peace and security in the ASEAN region.
SCS is one of the richest seas in the world in terms of marine flora-fauna, coral reefs,mangroves,seagrass beds,fish and plants. Value added production has translated into valuable foreign exchange earnings and job opportunities for countries in the region. 

India’s interest in SCS
SCS is critical corridor between pacific and Indian ocean for commercial and naval shipping. India recognizes the strategic importance of south east asia and Indian ocean for defence of the Indian peninsula. 

Land routes from the Indian subcontinent are fews and provide little facility for commerce. This, safeguarding the sea lanes is important for india’s trade growth as its futue is dependent on the vast water surface.A secure and safe sea lane is important for india’s industrial development,commercial growth and a stable political structure in India.

There are compelling reason for india to protect the sea lanes in the SCS. India considers unimpeded right of passage essential for the peace and prosperity in the asian pacific region. Also, india favours peaceful resolution of the dispute in accordance with international law.

Access to resources such as oil.natural gas,fuel and minerals is high on agenda of the global issues to be faced in the years ahead. India’s increasing involvement in the SCS region illustrates the relationship between its strategy and the need for resources and for the routes and logistical systems necessary for their transportation. So,in the view of the emerging challenges in the SCS,india is strengthening its engagement with the ASEAN region steadily.

Road blocks
India has a legitimate interest in safeguarding the sea lanes and access to maritime resources.With a considerable expansion of india’s engagement with SCS’littoral states , india appears to be emerging as indispensible element in the strategic discourse of this region. India could be a valuable security partner for several nations in the asia-pacific region.

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